Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Fat Belt

Every day I debate with myself, "Will this be the day I decide to start my exercise regime?" What determines the outcome of the debate is if I can fit into my pants that day. I'm usually able to deceive myself into believing that no one notices that fat role or as I call it my "Fat Belt" spilling out over my pants. So I continue with my sedentary life.

Recently I've had to start wearing my maternity clothes because I'm spilling from the others. So I've decided that I'm going to exercise. My first act of exercising today was going into the kitchen and polishing off the rest of the chocolate donuts. I say baby steps!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sagie's quite aware of body parts

So we've recently noticed that Sage has become quite aware of body parts. How you ask? Well, Ryan was taking a shower and Sage ran into the bathroom while I was cleaning our room. Ryan stepped out of the shower and was drying off and Sagie stopped dead in her tracks to start at Ryan's "winker".

This made Ryan very uncomfortable so he strategically covered himself up with his two hands. Sage turned and ran out of the room. Thinking she lost interest he continued getting ready for the day. Well next thing Ryan knows he's feeling something on his leg near his knee. Sage had run out of the room to get her mini-reacher (like old people use, but mini-sized) and brought it back in and was trying to reach it up on Ryan to "pinch" something! That's my girl!

How I keep from cheating!!!

So I've come to see in my 27 years that there are a lot of good looking men EVERYWHERE. Now I love my husband very much, but Keanu Reeves and Gerard Butler are too delicious to not think about. So here's my solution: Why would I want to try to make it to heaven if I didn't have a little perk right? So my perk is having many husbands in heaven. Everytime I see a good looking man, I make a mental note in my head that he's a husband in heaven and this helps to alleviate any desire in the earthly sense.

Now I know you may say, "But Katie he's already married?" Well, that's why in my heaven I make a copy of the real guy and take the duplicate, so it's not cheating. He's a new person. I also make some modifications to these men. They don't talk or think for themselves. I just tell them what to do and they do it.

I have a top 5 list of these heavenly men, they are:

1.) Ryan Christensen (my hubby)
2.)Keanu Reeves (from the Replacements)
3.) Gerard Butler
4.) Kevin James
5.) The Rock, Dwayne Johnson

Now, when Ryan disobeys me I simply move him down the list. I feel this helps keep him in line. Recently he just moved back up to numer 1. We'll see how this week goes for him.

My life....

Okay, so here is a little about me....I'm 27 years old, married and have an 18 month old daughter who has been teething her molers. My husbands name is Ryan and often tells me he feels like the "Man who has no secrets", which means he has no idea what's in store for him. I'm very blunt and seldomly use my inner monologue and when I'm pregnant, I've been told I have no filter. You either love me or hate me, which most people in Utah lean towards the latter. I have two cats, one who is known as the neighborhood hussy and the other who is so fat she can't fit through our baby gate at the top of our stairs. My favorite terms are "Shut your pie hole" and "Quit being a girl". Most of my husband's buddies think I'm more of the man in the relationship. I'm blogging because I'm tired of thinking about all this stuff and not being able to share my weirdness with everyone at once! So feel blessed!

Why Falling in the Shower?

Well this actually came from a story of a girlfriend and her hubby getting fresh in the shower and falling out. Now this particular moment got me thinking about how classic moments like this one happen in life. These moments can leave you feeling a little foolish or exposed, possibly embarrassed or even slightly bruised and sometimes you can't stop laughing at these moments....much like Falling in the Shower.....Don't roll your eyes, you totally know that works! So that's what my blog is about. These random moments. Yes, I'm this bored.